Student Scholarships

CNF Scholarship Program

The Colorado Nurses Foundation is dedicated to supporting scholarships for Colorado nursing students.

The application window for 2017 will be from Sept. 1 to Oct. 30. 


 Scholarships will be awarded for the first semester or quarter of 2018.

Please read the following requirements to make sure you are eligible to apply for a CNF scholarship:


Applicants must be:

  • A Colorado resident committed to practicing nursing in Colorado.
  • Accepted as a student in an approved Colorado Nursing Program or in an approved online program.
  • A minimum of one semester or quarter of study remaining prior to completing their degree. Students graduating in December 2017 are ineligible to apply for a CNF Scholarship.
  • Student in a BSN program or accepted as a student in a twelve month accelerated BSN program commencing in January 2018.

Undergraduate applicants must have a 3.25 grade point average minimum and graduate student applicants must have a 3.5 grade point average minimum, with one of the following student statuses:

  • Student in second year of nursing studies in an associate degree in nursing program, OR
  • Junior or Senior level BSN undergraduate student, OR
  • RN enrolled in a baccalaureate or higher degree nursing program in a school of nursing, OR
  • RN with master’s degree in nursing, currently practicing in Colorado and enrolled in a doctoral program, OR
  • Student enrolled in accelerated nursing program having completed one quarter or semester, OR
  • Student accepted into twelve month accelerated program with transcript from previous degree, OR
  • Student in second or third year of a Doctorate Nursing Practice (DNP) program or have completed the first year of a PhD program. All graduate degree students must have continuous minimum enrollment for 6 semester hours.

Scholarship Criteria for Awards

Your scholarship application must include and will be rated on the following:

  • Professional philosophy and goals
  • Dedication to the improvement of patient care in Colorado
  • Demonstrated commitment to nursing, and potential for leadership
  • Involvement in community and professional organizations
  • Grade point average (minimum 3.25 undergraduate, 3.5 graduate) per (transcript) from most recently completed semester/quarter in current program
  • Student accepted into a twelve month accelerated BSN program commencing in January 2018 must provide a copy of the letter of acceptance
  • Student accepted into a twelve month accelerated BSN program commencing in January 2018 must provide a copy of official transcript from earned (must be completed) baccalaureate or higher degree in a field other than nursing
  • Financial need statement and narrative explanation
  • Recommendation of one faculty member, and
  • Recommendation from employer/supervisor (if not employed, then from another individual).


CNF is pleased to award the following scholarships in January 2018:

  • American Nurses Foundation Scholarship - $2,000
  • Colorado Council on Nursing Education: Nurse Educator - $3,000
  • CNA/Virginia Paulson Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
  • DNA 12 Scholarship - $2,200
  • DNA 16 Eleanor Bent Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
  • DNA 20 Scholarship - $1,500
  • DNA 5 Scholarship (APN) - $1,500
  • DNA 5 Scholarship (Graduate) - $1,500
  • DNA 5 Scholarship (Undergraduate) - $1,500
  • H. M. Muffly Memorial Scholarship - 3 @ $1,500
  • Mary M. Lemons Memorial Scholarship - 2 @ $2,500
  • Platt College: Joe Lee Memorial Scholarship - $5,000
  • Roy Anderson Memorial Scholarship - 3 @ $1,500
  • SIG 30 Scholarship - $3,000

For questions, please contact the foundation at or 720-457-1004.